Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Part time psychos

There appears to be something about bad weather that drives people nuts. On Monday I had a lovely journey into work in the sunshine. By late afternoon it was cold and damp, with a stiff breeze picking up.

I had already had plenty of time to regret deciding on shorts for the morning ride as I now had a chilly ride home. I would have plenty of time to regret it on the bike too.

Joking aside it was a terrifying journey home as all the drivers had mutated into selfish-desperate-to-get-home-zombies. Still on the plus side it made Stamford hill seem less challenging. By the time I got there i was quite used to cars pulling out of side roads in front of me without even looking in my direction.

I have now developed a system for bunny-hopping on the road bike. I feel this will save many pothole-related punctures in the days to come, even if it does make me look like a pretentious middle-aged child.

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