Friday, 18 March 2011

Not all the twats in the city are bankers

As I was riding to through the City this morning (down City Road past Moorgate Station and on past the BOE) A pedestrian cut across my path in moving traffic. Our eyes met briefly... He then lowered his shoulder and tried to barge through me. I was moving at a reasonable pace in heavy traffic and my momentum, combined with the fact that I am reasonably sturdy, meant that I got a nasty bump to the shoulder and chest. He however span off into the path of the car behind.

I don’t blame him for trying to get across the road at an inappropriate place. I don’t blame him for running into me; These things happen. The eye contact right before the lowering of the shoulder, coupled with the change of direction through my path I do blame him for.

I hope he made it to his destination safely though... with road skills like that he may not survive many more crossings.

On a much more cheery note I passed a young lady whose choice of bike cheered me immensely. She was riding a Genesis Equalibrium (Steel road bike), with matching brooks tape and seat. Sensible mudguards and a rack for her pannier finishing off the ensemble. It’ nice to see a cyclist who has managed to get through the bike shop process without being sold a hybrid.

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