Thursday, 10 March 2011


I've just got back from a weekend away to Berlin with Miss S. One of the things I had desperately wanted to do was the "Fat Tire" bike tour (No link. You can google them). In Barcelona I had seen the tour go by after doing the bus tour, and it seemed a little more exciting. The main difference, and one that i hadn't considered earlier, was that the river in berlin was still frozen... whereas I was in Barca in August.
It was absolutely bloody freezing, but fun and informative. I can't reccomend it enough, and our guide (Tam) was possibly the most over-informed tour guide I have ever met.

After finishing I was able to warm up nicely at the slightly strange Badesschiff (Bath-Ship) with a silent bunch of mostly Germans.
There is still a section of the wall which is earie in the extreme.

There are loads of cyclists and nearly all of them ride very practical bikes. Very practical. Heavy steel frame, front dynamo, Brooks saddle (or similar). Some ride traditional road bikes but the vast majority ride utility bikes.

Personally I think this is great.

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