Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Prince charles today, set out to persuade his subjects to go green by travelling around in a train powered by chip fat. I kind-of-get-it, but I'm becoming sick of celebrity greens travelling ostentatiously whilst trying to get me to wear horsehair. Why not try this

Monday, 6 September 2010

tfl hates the banjolele - it's official

I saw this yesterday whilst perusing the paper. Outrageous. I was looking up Nigle Birch to see when he was playing near me next, and then this...

And a picture of my soon to be fixed banjolele

weekend wondering

I managed to miss the London Skyride this last weekend (due my bike still being in pieces after a recent attack by vandals). It is an amazing experience. For those that have not been before, it is cycling through a traffic free loop of central London with thousands of other cyclists.

My concern with this event however is indicative of my general concerns about the mayor and tfl. Why the sponsorship... the money (I know). We now have a Skyride and a Barclays bike hire scheme. Why can’t we do anything without a massive corporate logo on it. I wouldn’t mind, but the mayor’s office has branded the bike lanes in barclay’s blue. It won’t be long before all bike lanes, racks and signage is branded. We can build motorways, but painting the road for bikes requires a sponsor.

After a very dignified tea party for Jess’s 30th birthday... we had a very undignified evening in Barrio North. Noisy latin themed cocktail bars aren’t normallt my thing, but when the mojhito’s are this strong I found I soon got into it.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

lovely blogs

I'm very impressed with the number of blogs out there about utalitarian cycling with style. The one suprise is that they are nearly all written by girls. The suprise is not that girls are interested in stylish cycling, but that men seem to want to write tech oriented blogs about performance and materials. I follow one blog by a guy, but where are the boys into brooks, twine, pashley and tweed in this country?

I haven't linked to the blogs because they are in the "blogs that i follow" window