Monday, 14 March 2011

Melodica Rock

My Melodica arrived the other day. Not knowing if I was going to get on with the instrument I didn’t want to shell out £30-100 on a hohner, so I bought a £17 Swann. To be fair Swann are one of the biggest manufacturers of instruments, and it’s not bad. Melodicas always sound a little strange to me anyway.

The purchase was inspired by “The luckiest guy on the lower east side” by the magnetic fields. We are covering the song in the LEJOG band, and whilst I love playing Uke on this because there is one on the record, I could hear a melodic part for our version.

Bizarrely if you play it with the short pipe in place and hold it by the strap you go boss-eyed trying to see what you are playing. With the longer pipe you look like you are on oxygen or something.

Back to cycling to and from work as I got left behind on our ride at the weekend.

Rob has asked me to play a Grant McLennan tribute night at the Lexington with him in may so I need to meet up with him to get a cd of tracks for that fairly soon.

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