Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter bank holiday weekend

So this weekend was a long one (4 days off). I've been to see  film as theatre (Bugsy Malone, future cinema at the Troxy), a lovely long walk in the country and hidden gardens and walkways in the Barbican Centre.

Alan Parker's slightly bizarre film of child actors playing gangsters during the escalation of violence during prohibition gets the much needed musical treatment. Add to this live performances and re-enactment of the splurge-gun and pie-fight.

We managed to find one of the creepiest areas of the countryside to go for a walk (Harlington).  A burned out house. Pheasants hanging in the trees (dead). Brooding skies and slippy hills and slopes. Oh and leatherface's house.

Today we went to the barbican centre to look at the conservatory. A room full of tropical plants for local residents. Then onto the highwalk.

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