Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bad business

I have always had a soft spot for local businesses with daft names. Better still, a local business with a daft sign. Near where I live is an Afro-Caribbean funeral parlour which has two pictures on it's frontage. The first shows a horse drawn glass carriage. Normal for a business of this type. The second image is that of a pyramid with the eye of Ra bursting from the top. Less likely to be available in the standard catalogue one would imagine. If anyone does in fact need a pyramid building for a mausoleum I may be able to recommend an architect, but with local land prices I doubt you'd want it. 

Which takes us to chickpizz. Paul Merton mentioned it on tv a couple of years ago as being the worst name for a takeaway since ' The taste of Lewisham.' their sign is an Easter chick standing on a pizza. It's been there for years, but I've yet to meet a soul that will admit having eaten there.  

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