Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sauerkraut experiment

Rather than being the name of a stereolab album. I've been meaning to experiment with fermentation as a means of food production. We all love beer, but there must be other things to make with making stuff go off.

I recently bought a book on fermentation and the history and cultural significance thereof. Whilst very good, I thought I'd try this simple recipe for sauerkraut as a first step.

First sterilise the jars (weird huh given that I'm cooking with bacteria)

Then core and chop the cabbage

Massage in the salt for 5-10 mins

Put in jar, cover with a whole cabbage leaf and weigh down with a smaller jar (full of water)

cover with a jam or cheese cloth


And if you do decide to make some more... buy at least 2 cabbages!!

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  1. I'm quite tempted by Kvass and Sema. I've tried Kombucha before and that was quite nice. (tried the drink made by someone we stayed with when cycling through France).


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