Friday, 31 May 2013

Planning for the weekend

This Sunday, Warren, Dan and i are heading down to RichmondPark at the crack of dawn to do a few laps. This will be a nice practice for our Dun Run in a couple of months as Warren has a baby on the way and Dan has twins already , we don’t get out much together on the bikes.

There has and always will be a wildly differing nutritional strategy for the three of us. Dan and Warren both eat meat and I do not. They are also both lean athletic looking  types whereas I am not.
The ride down from my house to Richmond Park and back is 31km. This is about as far as my daily commute (or 3km short for pedants). Richmond park is roughly 10Km round the outside road, So I could easily do >60Km.

To get to the park for 08:30 I will need to leave at around 07:30 which makes it too early for a large breakfast. So my plan is:

·         07:00am Cereal and Banana

·         08:30 arrive at park and eat flapjack

·         Laps

·         Flapjack

·         Laps

·         Recovery drink

·         Cycle home at even pace

4 hours cycling @ average 500 Kcals and hour = 2000Kcals
Breakfast, 2 flapjacks and recovery drink = 1100 Kcals so I’ll probably be ready for lunch

Warren’s plan was to have a bit of breakfast and pootle over to the park. Laps then a Bacon Sarny being home in time for Sunday Lunch.

 This is why Warren is slim and I am not. Anyway I’ll write it up afterwards.

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