Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday morning blues

This morning I rose at 7, ate a banana and headed off to work on my bike. I was rehearsing that much last week that I didn't get to ride so his week the plan was Monday to Wednesday I would cycle, carry my guitar on Thursday, then cycle again on Friday.

As I got to deptford the wind really picked up. It was strong enough for me to stop pedalling just short of junctions and allow it to blow me to a stop.

It was as I arrived at work that I realised that I was going to the theatre on Wednesday to see the lovely Bob Karper. I could maybe squeeze in the return journey before going to the out.

After a quick shower and breakfast I went through my work emails. Good. There were no unexpected early starts in weird places.

At lunch I was going through my personal emails when I spotted a notice about a band practice tomorrow. Not the LGO, but the band with no name comprising of ex BOB members. Well I couldn't ride on the Tuesday then.

I guess the moral is that unless we make time for something, the something else always gets in the way. I always have a lovely time playing music with my friends, but I hate the journey in laden with instruments. I love riding to work but it limits my after work activities. Either way I need to plan both very carefully if I am to be proficient enough to gig, and fit enough for the Dun Run.

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