Sunday, 27 January 2013

Childhood memories

Last night Miss S and I went to a gig at Cafe Oto in Dalston. We went to see Damon and Naomi (formerly of Galaxie 500) play a gig in support of Richard Youngs...

It was billed thus...

Unfortunately one of the acts (Seaming) pulled out. The video work never materialised. What we had was a lovely but short set from Damon and Naomi, followed by the most self indulgent cross between jazz and performance art imaginable.

Richard Youngs set was only bearable due to Damon's inventive drumming.

One song entirely comprised of Mr Youngs shouting "another sleepless night." While jazz drumming filled the room. With a little less shouting and drumming going on I began to feel he might have the insomnia licked. To be fair he did go on to say that it was unusual not to clear the room with 15 minute versions of their opening song "19 postage stamps"

Disappointing. Challenging. Different.

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