Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hawaii by the high llamas

Sean O'Hagan is now an interviewer for the Observer newspaper. Back in 1993 I went ot see the high llamas on tour in a tiny pub in Leicester. They were just about to release "Hawaii", a home recorded epic double album influenced by the beach boys, vandyke parks, scott walker and stereolablab.

My first, and only attempt to talk to a band I admired ended in humiliation, as mr. O'Hagan couldn't work out what I was trying to say. My friend Gary had introduced me and instead of saying something cool, I babbled inarticulately about how much I loved the gig. Given that the pub was so small the brass section had to play in the dressing room, and I imagine they came out of it significantly out of pocket I don't think he was impressed.

When I meet musicians I like now I tend to just stick to "Hello" and maybe some idle chat, after all... they've just finished work and probably want to relax.

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