Thursday, 26 June 2014

Continuous improvement through reckless experimentaion

Triathlon preparation, like much in life, seems to be an endless series of experiments and purchases

After injuring myself in 2012 and taking the first half of 2013 to recover I  was nervous about running. I first tried "barefoot" running in the Saucony Hattori shoes (I reviewed them here). Once that worked I realised I wasn't going very fast/it wasn't comfortable for longer than an hour/i had no grip at all* in the wet. I bought some merrell road shoes. Got used to them and then realised I preferred the Hattori. I have experimented with the following...

  • Shoes
  • Breathing
  • Training patterns
  • hydration equipment (bottles/bladders)

I have made a few changes to the bike...just a few. None of which I have settled on. I even bought a brompton (which in this blog I'm going to call my "winter trainer"*). I am now panicking as the bike has transformed into a racier machine, just as I realised I'm doing the Dunwich Dynamo in 2 weeks and may need to convert it back a bit!!*

  • Removed rack
  • Removed second bottle cage
  • Lowered handlebars
  • Extended stem
  • Added a small saddlebag and a bento box
  • Tried 1980's bar extensions (FAIL)
In a box to do whenI get home tonight I have a 
  • Change of  handlebars
  • Modern ICU approved tri bars (we'll have to wait and see)

I could not swim far or in open water. Given my  lack of ability, swimming  kit and experimenting has been kept to a minimum. I read"total immersion" and applied it.

  • 2 different pairs of goggles
  • Different pools
  • Swimming in the sea
  • 1 ill informed wetsuit purchase

Other equipment:

  • Bryton cardio 60 triathlon watch - currently broken due to swimming in it...
  • Zoot Tri Suit
  • 2 running vests
  • 2 pairs of running shorts
  • 2 running t-shirts
  • 1 running jacket
  • 1 pair running tights
  • I thermal running top

* The author is prone to gross exaggeration

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