Monday, 3 February 2014

New year, new me?

Unfortunately not. Same old me...

So this will be the year I run a triathlon and as a result finally get into the shape I should have been in years ago. Don't misunderstand me. Whilst I have wanted to sort out my body shape for years, it is an irony that a non-vanity based motivation finally seems to be working. My body is to be an engine capable of powering itself in many different modes for sustained periods. To do this it must be more streamlined and better fuelled, stronger and able to push hard for longer. This is what has finally tricked it into shedding the kgs added over the years through cheese, bread, beer and sugar.

Dramatic though that all sounds it is the little things that have really started to make a difference.

  • Less eating and drinking out in the week. 
  • Taking my own lunches to work (Today I have wholegrain barley and vegetable stew - fortified with pea protein). 
  • Riding the Brompton most days to get just a bit of exercise in even when I'm doing nothing else
Eventually it is treating it better and not denying myself that is turning out to be the key.

I've also bought a little more new kit
  • Merrell Bare Access 2 running shoes
  • Asics Windstopper tights and winter shirt
  • Garmin Forerunner 310XT and bike mounting kit
  • Masters and beyond - book about training in middle age
All of which I'll cover the why and wherefores shortly but all in all I'm quite excited about the future. 

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