Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Re-inventing the wheel

Surprising amounts of time and energy go into re-inventing the wheel. I have 24 spoke front and rear, but if the various forums and discussion boards are correct then I either have about 12 too many or 12 too few. I am apparently both risking life and limb and riding millstones.

Despite modern materials there is a good argument for a high number of standard spokes. The more you have the stronger the wheel. The more spokes the less likely one breaking will ruin the wheel. The more standard the spoke the easier to find replacements without a manufacturer return.

In theory, the lighter the wheel, the less energy it takes to get up to speed. However this is only a guide. If the weight saving over two wheel sets is in the use of a light hub, then it may take longer to get up to speed as it I the rotational weight in the rim that takes a while to get going.

Once up to speed a heavier wheel retains more inertia and so will keep going longer. A lightweight hub will be more prone to failure.

Unless you routinely ride faster than 20mph (I don’t) then an aero rim doesn’t help at all.

I am wondering about doing a wheel building course as what I think I want is 28/34 standard spokes from 105 or miche hubs onto mavic open pro rims… until I read some more internet forums or product sites…

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