Thursday, 13 June 2013

WNBR London 2013

This year I once again completed the WNBR in London, but after two years of going down to Brighton in a downpour to scoot around a few streets shivering I decided not to do the double. Of course the weather was perfect for both this year. (Weirdly this one post from  last year accounts for 1:8 of the views this blog has garnered)

London  had five separate starts this year so I had no idea of the scale until upon finishing I got dressed, went for a potter, had a sit-down to  check my route home only to discover my way blocked (15 minutes after my finish) by riders in a seemingly never ending parade of toasted and painted flesh still working it's way to the finish.

Of note this year:

  • Even more photographers than usual. At various points we couldn't actually get through at all
  • Even more aggressive stewards and WNBR stalwarts shouting  things like "get off of the road" and "Stay on the pavement"... which is weird when we are running red lights
  • More exhibitionism than usual (Male and Female)
However. It is still a fun day out and we had the privilege of riding through a packed covent garden for the first time!

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