Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dunwich Dynamo 2013

It's something I've been meaning to do for the last couple of years, but the timing has never been quite right. The Dunwich Dynamo is a 200km 180km ride from London Fields (Which is unsuprisingly in London) to Dunwich (Which I was suprised to realise is in Norfolk Suffolk).

This is a little further than I have ridden before. About 43km more. Or to put it another way just under 2 hours more.

It is also at night.

Admittedly it's in July so the "night" is only dark for about 5-6 hours.Or half the ride. (edit: I've just discovered it will be dark for 8 hours that night)

So 200km at night. Why would anyone do that?

Because we can. Because I can imagine what it feels like to cycle through the darkest hours of the day. trying to eat a flapjack in a pitch black country lane.What it must be like to feel the first rays of sun on your face as you see the sun come over the horizon about 7 hours in.To eat a portion of chips for breakfast soaking wet because I've just been swimming fully clothed. Snoozing on the bus back.

There are a couple of stops during the night to pick up more food and water but It's probably 9-10 hours cycling. This is either going to burn...

a)6990Kcal using a weight*distance*kcal per lb/mile. Or
b)4000Kcal using 400 Kcal an hour

Luckily I'm carrying about 30,000 spare Kcals in a handy front mounted storage container (Or belly)

My bike has been serviced by the lovely people at Comptons. It's been reshod following advice from the guys at 2 wheels Good. I've got a possy of people to ride with. Now I only have to decide what to wear for the ride.

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