Sunday, 16 September 2012

The olympic park

Whilst I posted some pictures from the triathlon event in Hyde Park... At the Paralympics I got to go to the Olympic Park itself. The whole thing ran suprisingly smoothly (Although I regret not taking a photo of the elderly couple having their photo taken by a cheerful Japanese lady as the "smoking area" was right next to the "Dog comfort zone")

The buildings were frankly all that they had been made out to be and the whole park looked like something we could be proud of (as a nation, and as a city)

One really nice point is that the Paralympics was truly amazing. I've never been so moved by sporting events as I was watching the paralympics... and I say that without meaning that I felt sorry for the athletes, sure there are levels of Cerebral Palsy and spinal injury I didn't know it was even possible to ride a bike with... but no that's not what I mean't. I mean that as an event, the public coming to the games cheered on their respective countries, grappled with the catagories and generally treated the whole thing like an enormous fun family day out. Watching athletes perform at the highest level is something to behold and I had never really seen it before.

We were lucky enough to sit (by chance) with the extended family of the current world champion longjumper, and the emotion as he was at the last monute beaten into silver by his rival was enough to bring a lump to the throat.

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