Friday, 16 March 2012


Guitars are something that I have an odd relationship with. I have been playing the guitar since I was eight years old and for many years I couldn't imagine playing another instrument. In fact I couldn't work out why people chose to play other instruments at all.

Throughout my teens and twenties I identified myself quite clearly as a guitarist. Flash forward a few year and I was asked to play bass in a band where the other guitarists style suited the singers vision for the band much more closely than my own.

Over the years I stopped playing as much and got quite blase about it. I had played the same Harmony 335 copy since I was in my mid-teens and it was only when a girlfriend lost the guitar whilst drunk that I realised what a part of me that was. Almost as soon as the guitar was lost I started hankering afetr another one but funds were tight and I'd just split up with said girfriend - no not over that - so it would have to wait.

Impulsively I bought a squire telecaster because I liked the feel of it - and this is where I came in - but I lent it to a friend 18 months ago - I'm collecting it on monday and going amp shopping. I was learning the Ukulele at the time and not playing the guitar much at all, then I joined BOB, then I learn't the mandolin....

And now I'm ready to play the guitar again. I'm writing songs again and itching to play the guitar loud

Music snobs out there may laugh at my guitar choices. Harmony were a major player in the mass produced instrument market, Squire are much the same - cheap usable guitars. I have been thinking about getting something a little better but all the guitars I love are in the £1000's

I have been looking at MIM teles and love both the Baja and the 72 customs but who knows what the future holds

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