Friday, 3 February 2012

Painting, Tintin, fudge and beer

Day two in Bruges.

Started off today with a great breakfast of fruit, juice, coffee, croissant, bread rolls, regular bread, egg, butter and six slices of cheese (and one already cheese).

The Groeninge museum contains a lovely collection of Flemish art. I say lovely. The first half is saints, torture, crucifixion and rich people. The second half is modernist work, which is a little weaker. Bizarrely there is a painting of a corrupt judge being flayed alive, which was commissioned for the courthouse for judges to see.

Brilliant lunch. Massive veggie pile.

Then snow. Lots of snow. A bit more snow... And then the Tintin shop. Actually it also has a massive collection of other comic books... Including the complete 'walking dead' in Flemish.

More wandering in the snow followed by coffee, fudge, truffles and a potter back in what, by now, felt like a blizzard.

Dinner and a selection of Belgian beers then home.

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