Thursday, 7 July 2011

A night at sadler's wells

Well I finally got to see sylvie guillem dance. It's nearly 10 years since she did her film for the BBC (evidetia?) and I've missed, been too skint or away every time. Not this time though. There was 1 ticket left at £41 when I checked out the booking site. I took it and immediately felt guilty because I can think of several people that would love to see her too. I clicked 'buy'

The first piece was shit. The second brilliantly weird but I went out to the interval a bit miffed. She hadn't danced yet.

The last segment was just sylvie and a screen. Needless to say I went away happy. Quirky and full of her signature flexible joint movements. A goddess and one that shows no sign of a desire to retire. A head and shoulders above the other dancers tonight and 20 years older. Here's to her carrying on for another 10 years.

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