Monday, 4 April 2011

iPhone 4 photography

I thought I’d share some thoughts on the iPhone4. I have downloaded several apps for photography and had a play around with many of them yesterday whilst pootling around Hackneyville. I am not pretending that the camera on the phone can replace a dedicated camera, but you can play with the limitations in much the same way that you can adapt to a lomo style camera. 

 Ignore the zoom, only capture things you can frame close-up. In fact if you can photograph something from above you can use tiltshift generator  to emulate the focus problems in miature photography.

Hipstamatic works well as there are enough pixels for square poloroid or lomo style photos.

I’ll post some examples of oldcamera and cloursplash at some point too.  One massive disappointment so far was Adobe’s Photoshop express. It doesn’t do much that I can see so far, but I’ll keep trying.

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