Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sausage-skins for tyres

I have already had a couple of punctures on my new bike. I realise that not having armoured tyres means that this is more likely, but in three weeks I have had two punctures. I only had 2 punctures in 4 years of riding the crossroads, and 0 the 6 months of Brompton ownership I managed before an untimely theft.

I have also had to take the bike back under warranty to get the front derailleur and rear brake adjusted as they’d stopped working properly. The bikes that I had as a kid I rode harder and more often than the bikes in my adult life, yet had less go wrong with them. Are bike manufacturers too busy chasing the weekend warrior market to make multi use everyday bicycles?

I picked the Kona because, with 25mm tyres and steel frame, it seemed to be sturdier than the average road bike in alu/carbon. It probably is, and the way I ride I should probably have 4 season Kevlar tyres on...

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